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Brives connect

As a business owner, direct feedback on the performance of your company is invaluable. Brives Connect provides an online business-to-business portal, allowing you to review the performance of your suppliers and gain a powerful insight in the perception of your business relations on your company.

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Brives Audits

Made on the principle that better-trained employees lead to better business results. Audits are a quick set of questions, taking your employees no longer than 8-10 minutes per audit. Our insightful explanations will help your employees in making the right choice on your work floor.

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Our results

What our customers say.


"I love how my employees can do the audits on their mobile phone, whenever they have time for it. "


"I am using Brives to train all my staff, from frontoffice to technicians. With amazing results!"


"It's easy, it's affordable, but most important of all: Brives simply works. We've increased company efficiency by 13% last year!"

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